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Orange Sofa Leather

Sometimes doing house hold chores is a bit long work at home, cleaning the whole rooms are a bit tiring, inorder things specially kids room, vacuuming & also the leather need to clean too specially when stuff were expensive.
We got our orange leather sofa or couch  1st week of October and today I did cleaned it & wiped it using the leather cleaner cream and then after I used leather softener, now its look again great  shining & look very cleaner. From now on I will keep use leather cream & softener cleaner!
Photo below is our orange sofa ;)

Busy Days at this Christmas Holiday is Coming

Oh Yeah, I'm visiting again my blog but can't decide if this would be to start again for blogging. Its so difficult to decide, its been 3 years now that I stopped blogging and I am not used to posting again in my blog, don't know how to start again despite of my daily routine house hold choirs, works and taking care of my kids of course to my sweet husband too.
By the way, christmas is fast approaching again. People are so busy buying christmas gifts for someone, and again busy streets, traffics, and isnt so easy to go to mall when time of rush hours.
I did it sometimes net surfing and looking some things to buy for gifts this christmas which is so easy and no hassles ordering at the websites.

As of now I am busy with my kids and my works  and as christmas coming near I am also preparing for christmas eve and vacation for just a week with my family. I feel so excited again of short vacation after christmas celebration.

hmm...dont know when i get back again to post new blog...we will see, maybe tomorrow night if not busy.

I'm Back For Blogging

I'm back for long time off blogging. Yeah, it was very exhausted, excited, wonderful happenings in my life for almost a year now. I am very skiptiful now what happenings in blogging world now. I have no idea at this moment and I think I need to start again to refresh all about the blogging world.

It was busy times, we changed to our new flat that we bought for a year now, my grand mom in-law was gone, vacation in Philippines, and one added to our family now we are big family. It was very exahausted yet so happy my living, to have my big and wonderful family.

Christmas Parties

Christmas is only once in a year. Christmas party are everywhere now. Christmas invitations were came and already sent to your love ones, families and friends and enjoy the parties and giving gifts. This is the time to thanks God and giving gifts each other. Houses decorated with beautiful Christmas lights. There are countries were people enjoying carolling. Oh I love that carolling that what I did during in my elementary school which was a lot of fun. Its 22 days to go now then its Christmas day. So I say to you everyone, happy Christmas.

Gifts For This Christmas

It was beautiful morning we had. The sun was shining and the sky so clear. It was another day to start a brand new day.

Oh yay Christmas is fast approaching, its 22 days to go then in Christmas day. Oh! are you ready for Christmas? It’s your home it’s decorated of Christmas lights and Christmas d├ęcor or you bought gifts already? Oh my, time flies so fast huh! Me and my husband not already buying gifts for this Christmas, we doesn’t know what we should buy for a gift for my in-laws. I’ll look for a tips and ideas gifts for this Christmas on the net. So folks, see you later.